Friday, 25 January, 2008

RBI to fire on all cylinders.....

We’ve seen the highs and we’ve seen the lows this week. An action-packed week is in store ahead. With a Fed meeting and hopes of another rate cut, a lot will hinge on how global market pick up. Even if the Fed doesn’t do anything further, the tone and outlook would be of prime importance.

With the yield advantage held by Indian bonds reaching a six-year high, Finance Minister P Chidambaram said that US interest rate cuts may influence any RBI decision. The RBI is meeting next week has held rates for 10 months. With inflation below the central bank's target for eight months, optimism of a rate cut is high.

Corporate results will add to individual stock interest and as if all this is not enough, we have the F&O expiry too. With a number of positions getting forcefully cut in this week’s carnage, it remains to what extent the rollover takes place.