Wednesday, 6 February, 2008

Tax? 10 things to do before March 31

The Income Tax department does not want too many papers as proof of investments made or expenses incurred. But it is always better to file them now.

So please rush! Here are ten things to do before March 31, 2008 or before the financial ends:

1. If you are claiming deduction for house rent allowance on account of actual rent paid, collect the rent receipts from the owner and keep them in your possession.

2. If you received any gifts during the year, please collect the gift deeds. The deeds should clearly state that you received the gift without any consideration.

3. In case you have changed employment during the financial year, you have to go back to your previous employer and collect the Form 16.

4. If you have donated to charitable trusts, obtain a receipt and also a certificate saying the trust is an approved one under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

5.Collect all your bank statements and TDS certificates, if any. This will help you calculate your earning from bank interest and deposit advance tax if required.

6. If you have a running home loan, you must collect the certificate of repayment of principal amount and the interest paid during the financial year from the bank.

7. If you are claiming an interest-paid deduction on an educational loan, get a certificate of repayment made in the financial year where the interest is stated separately.

8. Keep all receipts for contributions made to schemes listed under Section 80C, such as insurance payment, PPF, ELSS, and children's tuition fees.

9. In case you are claiming a deduction for any medical disability under Section 80U, do not forget to collect a certificate of disability from an authorised doctor.

10. If you are claiming deduction for payment of health insurance premium, you need to keep the premium receipt indicating that the premium was paid in cheque.