Wednesday, 26 September, 2007

Chat with Rajat K Bose on 26th September 2007

Rajat K Bose: Good evening. Thanks for joining in. let\'s begin.

shrutigame06: dear sir i purchase reliance energy @1090 kindly can u suggest me wat to do i will hold or book the loss and also kindly say me abt parswanath, alok ind. i have 1 lakh kindly suggest some scripts for investing for 3-4 months

Rajat K Bose: REL in the short term looks overbought on the charts. Wait for some time before making fresh commitments.

sundarlx: what is trg of ifci

Rajat K Bose: above 103; it may test 107 and 112. however, quite overbought i suggest booking profits in trading positions in this counter.

shaista_57: Mr Bose can i buy GMR Infra now to get the benefit of stock split?

Rajat K Bose: the benefit is already priced in; doesn\'t warrant a buy at current mkt price for delivery buying.

vikrammandloi: where do you see reliance infrastructure one year down the line.

Rajat K Bose: its chart pattern and the current vertical rise do not give a clear picture for one year forecasting. In the short run there could be a lot of volatility while the long term trend remains up.

chucks_1977: Views on ICICI Bank

PLease suggest at what level should I book profit??

Rajat K Bose: Book profits on rallies. If it were to fall below 980 get out of any short term position.

Rajat K Bose: Book profits on rallies. If it were to fall below 980 get out of any short term position.

dynrahul: I am having Mindtree 25 @ 425 (IPO price)

PLease suggest at what level should I book profit??

Rajat K Bose: When the current rally in IT stocks comes to an end, book profits.

dynrahul: Your view on Bharti 25@ 880

Rajat K Bose: Book at least part profits in the current upswing.

purusharth: Dear Sir, what is the target of RNRL, could I buy now

Rajat K Bose: If I were u I would book profits in the counter if I already purchased earlier; does not look like a buy here. It is too risky on the long side.

RRAMAIMS: please tell me the prospectus of Renuka sugars

Rajat K Bose: If you are a long term investor then only buy it.

banarasi_saand: sir, what do u think sail rate on expiry?

Rajat K Bose: Wish I knew it.

sagarmal_khetan: sir, whn will we see a correction in the market??

Rajat K Bose: Market movements are comparable to September 2005. Really don\'t know when the correction would happen; however, prudence calls for risk control at current juncture. Lots of small and mid caps and stocks with prices below 100 in F&O are shooting up. Most of the commentators are too confident for the mid and long term. Nobody is willing to go short this market and you are getting n number of recos to buy. These are situations when corrections generally begin. However, I have no idea how long this heady momentum will continue. CONTROL YOUR RISK IN WHICHEVER WAY POSSIBLE.

raghu370: I am an Investor, I have Polaris bought at 115, should I hold or ??

Rajat K Bose: I don\'t think you should.

gnanakannan: hello rajat, I had purchased 5000 Nfcl @40, What is the target for next 1 month?

Rajat K Bose: You are getting quite a good profit already, why don\'t you book some. put a stop below 48 for the rest.

dhirej: sir purchased ptc 1000 @ 84 shall i book profit? why this share is not participating in the run

Rajat K Bose: May be it will since others have already been bid up but surely book some profits.

Holding Gillette India 20 @870. Please advice

Rajat K Bose: If I were you I would convert it to some other stock. Sell now and wait for some time, buy some energy stocks on declines.

Rajat K Bose: So much for today. We would chat again next week. Thanks for being with me. No specific disclosures to be made from my side.