Monday, 24 September, 2007

50 commandments for successful trader

1. Divide your trading capital into ten equal risk segments
2. Use a two-step order process
3. Don`t overtrade.
4. Never let a profit turn into a loss.
5. Trade with the trend.
6. If you don`t know what`s going on, don`t do anything.
7. I believe increased volatility may be the easiest and most
intuitive trade in our midst.
8. Use the right order to get into the markets
9. Don`t be whimsical about closing out your trades.
10. Withdraw a portion of your profits
11. Don`t buy a stock only to obtain a dividend
12. Don`t average your losses
13. Take big profits and small losses
14. Go for the long pull as an outside speculator
15. Sell shorts as often as you go long
16. Don`t buy something because it is low priced
17. Pyramid correctly, if at all
18. Decrease your trading after a series of successes
19. Don`t formulate new opinions during market hours
20. Don`t follow the crowd - they are usually wrong. Majority consists
of fools.
21. Don`t watch or trade too many markets at once
22. Buy the rumor, sell the fact
23. Take windfall profits when you get them
24. Keep charts current
25. Preserve your capital
26. Nothing new ever occurs in the markets
27. Money cannot be made every day from the markets
28. Back your opinions with cash when they are confirmed by market
29. Markets are never wrong, opinions often are
30. A good trade is profitable right from the start
31. As long as a market is acting right, don`t rush to take profits
32. Never permit speculative ventures to turn into investments
33. Don`t try to predetermine your profits
34. Never buy a stock because it has a big decline from its previous
high, nor sell a stock because it is high priced
35. Become a buyer as soon as a stock makes new highs after a normal
36. The human side of every person is the greatest enemy to successful
37. Ban wishful thinking in the markets
38. Big movements take time to develop
39. Don`t be too curious about the reasons behind the moves
40. Look for reasonable profits
41. If you can`t make money trading the leading issues, you aren`t
going to make it trading the overall markets
42. Leaders of today may not be the leaders of tomorrow
43. Trade the active stocks and futures
44. Avoid discretionary accounts and partnership trading accounts
45. Bear markets have no supports and bull markets have no resistance
46. The smarter you are, the longer it takes to trade
47. It is harder to get out of a trade than to get into one.
48. Don`t talk about what you`re doing in the markets. Silence is
49. When time is up, markets must reverse
50. Control what you can, manage what you cannot.