Wednesday, 5 September, 2007

Chat with Rajat K Bose on 05th September 2007

Chat with Rajat K Bose on 05th September 2007

moderator: Welcome to poweryourtrade chat. Mr Rajat K Bose will join us shortly.

Rajat K Bose: Good afternoon. Thanks fro joining in. Let\'s begin.

tradepartner50: I have bought ITC @156.00 Waht should i do. Can u give the outlook for short term.

Rajat K Bose: Short term: resistance around 180 and range bound unless that level is crossed but overall if you are happy with decent return and a low risk bet, you can stay invested.

amkhullar: i have 100 niittech @ 358 shud i hold or exit ?

Rajat K Bose: If I were you and it is a short term position I would surely book profits; now, the decision is yours.

Wats your call on UTTAM SUGAR. I have 100 @ ipo price ..Should i hold

Rajat K Bose: No, get out on rallies as and when that happens.

venkapis: how about buying ongc at current levels

Rajat K Bose: If you are interested in buying ONGC as an oil sector play then my choice is Selan Exploration. I already hold this stock. On ONGC, I can say I am not too fascinated by this PSU oil and gas play.

ygoel: hi rajat, can u brief us about bharti, wespun gujrat and reliance natura

Rajat K Bose: Bharti short term close to a resistance; welspun gujarat is a hold; RNRL no opinion.

hiral9: What abt IDFC, IDBI, AIA Engineering ?

Rajat K Bose: Both IDBI and IDFC are good bets for medium term. Don\'t track AIA Engg.

prasave: wat abt the future of Jaiprakash asso.50 @ 820..should i hold for some more time ?

Rajat K Bose: Cement still looks good and it is one of the big players there; medium and long term charts are still quite good, hold.

rajou: your views on crompton greaves

Rajat K Bose: Medium and long term charts are excellent. Short term: it has already hit a resistance. Book profits if you are a short term player.

sonawanesamir: Hi Rajat, this is Samir. I want to invest some money in market. Can you advise me in which sector should I invest

Rajat K Bose: If u are looking at long term I am quite bullish on energy sector be it oil & gas or power. I have already talked about one stock in this chat. read the transcript.

magicashobby: how about UCO BANK

Rajat K Bose: September may show as much volatility as August, and hence I won\'t be able to give you a month\'s target. However, I tend to like UCO Bank chart, it looks positive.

TANMAY31: i have nagarjuna fert , bought @27.40 for 1400 shares , should i hold or sell

Rajat K Bose: There could be a final leg up in the current upswing--unless the market becomes too weak it can touc 46 - 47.

Rajat K Bose: However, there is no harm in your booking part profits here as well in Nagarjuna Fertiliser.

Rajat K Bose: So much for this week. Chat with you next time. Bye. Other than SELAN Rxploration I do not hold any of the stocks discussed here.

moderator: Thank you Sir.