Tuesday, 18 September, 2007

Chat with Deepak Mohoni

moderator: Welcome to poweryourtrade chat. Mr Deepak Mohoni will soon join us.

Deepak Mohoni: Hi. Tks for joining in. Lets start.

mayuraksha: Can I enter in IOC at this level?

Deepak Mohoni: Avoid IOC. Its been in a downtrend for quite a while. Even if it manages to go up from here, there are several other stocks which will outperform it

sg_1971: Your view on Infosys

Deepak Mohoni: Infosys and all the large tech stocks are in downtrends and best avoided

bonanza_knr: is it advisable to by bhel on dips from this level?

Deepak Mohoni: BHEL will be best bought if it breaks out past 1940. It is running sideways

dubeyshashank: sir ur views on Paramount Communacation??

Deepak Mohoni: Paramount Comm had made a good move at the end of August, but its longer-term trend is down and repeat moves may be hard to come by. Avoid

tradepartner50: What is ur view on Subex Azzure.I have it@431.00

Deepak Mohoni: keep a trailing stop below 450 for your position in Subex Azure

zafars: should i hold or sell ifci, bought at rs.72

Deepak Mohoni: IFCI is still a hold with a trailing stop below 76

dubeyshashank: What ur views on Vijaya Bank?

Deepak Mohoni: keep a stop below 58 if you have vijaya bank. Otherwise avoid the stock - not trending at the moment

Deepak Mohoni: thats it for the day! thanks, bye